Secret Garden Lavender and Herb Farm, LLC Our Family Farm in Seabeck, WA

Secret Garden Therapeutic Flax Packs


Our flax packs are specially embroidered and sewn of soft, warm flannel.  They incorporate a choice of herbs (Lavender, Lavender/Chamomile blend, or Eucalyptus/Spearmint/Lemon Grass blend).  The flax seeds hold the heat when the packs are warmed in the microwave (start at 30 seconds and add additional time as needed---be careful not to overheat).  Our natural flax packs can also be cooled in the freezer (put in a zip lock bag).  

The packs are specially baffled to keep the flax seed and herbs in place and they are a generous 26 inches long.  Enjoy the calming and contemplative scent of the herbs while relaxing and invigorating your spirit with this all natural aromatherapy experience!